Wreath Tour Adventures,

Wreaths In ArlingtonLaying of the Wreaths 2017 in Washington DC

1 person per Room $350.00

2 person per Room $ 325.00 each person

3 persons per Room $285.00 each person

4 person per room $265.00 each person

Saturday Dec. 16th Events


  • There is a food court at Mt Vernon.

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  • Saturday Afternoon Options

  • Option #1

     Lincoln’s Cottage

    Touring the summer estate of President Lincoln.

    You will have about 3hours to tour the house, gardens and museum.  http://www.lincolncottage.org/ 

    Addition Fee not included in our Basic Tour Package $20.00

  • Option #2

     Museum of the Bible set to open in Nov 2017

    Experience the Book that Shapes History


  • Addition Fee not included in our Basic Tour Package $20.00

  • Option #3

Smithsonian Museums, Natural History , Air and Space, The Castle, and Others.

This is a self guided tour this year, you have about 3hours to look around. NO extra fee included in our basic package.


Sponsorship Opportunities

There is availability for Sponsorship opportunities which means you can encourage a Business, Club, Organization, Individual  to promote their business, honor a hero, a family member, or friend.  This will provide for trip cost, fees, gratuities,   etc. Your business or name will be attached to our handouts, web site, advertisements.


Bronze – $50.00

Silver   – $75.00

Gold     -$125.00


Or any donation of any size will be greatly appreciated

For More Info Call 740-667-3513 or Email wreathtour@gmail.com






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